About BPA

Barron Pandu Abadi (known as “BPA Insurance Broker or BPA Broker). BPA Broker started its operation in 2014 and focused on providing broker services and insurance consulting, we have obtained a license from OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) for an insurance broker with No: Kep-135/D.05/2014 and also collaborated with leading insurance companies in Indonesia and are supported by experienced professionals in their fields.

Our mission to become a one-stop solution service provider has become our most priority in delivering service excellence to our business partners. BPA has optimized its significant lines of services through its corporate networks to serve our business partners with Employee Benefits Consultation and Insurance Broker Services.

BPA promises our business partners that together we bring you to be a successful leading company, independently and trusted.

Vision & Mission

Become the most trusted Insurance Consultant and Broker, for insurers and Insured.

To Provide comprehensive insurance solution for all Business Partner


BPA is committed to helping and fulfilling the needs of its business partners by providing comprehensive solutions to overcome business challenges. We prioritize actively cooperating with business partners in accomplishing projects and engagements.

Innovation for continuous improvement is appreciated at BPA. Ongoing transformation with its focus on people, ideas, and technology enhances a broader spectrum of innovations which in turn promotes efficiencies in the business process, corporate management, and people development.

At BPA, we are committed to delivering high-quality service and comprehensive employee benefit solutions. With a portfolio of more than 1,000 clients, BPA has proven its experiences in providing service excellence to its unique clients, whether small, medium-sized, or large-scale businesses. For BPA, building and maintaining clients’ trust through delivering comprehensive solutions to meet their needs is an honor.

Why choose BPA?

Time and Cost Efficiency.



Have a good relationship with many insurance companies.



Have clear informations about the insurance products.



Dedicated, creative, and innovative insurance professional team.


One-stop solutions

Able to provide the administration with claim and renewal settlements.



As mediators, to minimize misunderstanding about the terms and conditions of the insurance products.



Understanding of various types of business and client profiles.